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COVID-19 PRACTICES and POLICIES (please read)

  • NEW CLIENTS, please print out and complete the initial paperwork prior to your massage therapy session by following this link  
  • Wait in the hallway until a therapist lets you in.
  • Please arrive with a face mask on.
  • Please arrive on time.  We can not extend your session due to a late start or any other reason, as we require enough time to properly clean and disinfect the space prior to the next client arriving.
  • A health screen will occur prior to entering.  Please cancel your appointment if you have had a fever within the last 24 hours and/or a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and/or two of: fever, chills, shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.  If you have been around someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of your appointment, you must reschedule.  Late cancellations due to illness will not be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Hand washing or hand sanitizing will be required on arrival.
  • Only clients are allowed in unless they need to be accompanied by a caregiver.
  • We can not offer water before, during, or after your session.  Please bring your own water as needed.  Food will not be allowed in the studio.
  • Chair massage, Couples massage, Bamboo massage, or walk-ins can not be offered at this time.
  • Despite all necessary precautions put in place, there is still a risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.  We will be asking all clients to sign a risk/liability form before the session begins.  Those who are considered high risk are encouraged to scheduled the first appointment in your therapists day.

We appreciate all of you and understand your needs on this health journey.  We are doing our best by following all the Ohio State Medical Board's requirements to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and to help keep you safe.  There will be 30 minutes of time between clients to properly clean and disinfect as required. Again, please arrive on time as your appointment can not be extended.  For the majority of the time, there will be just one therapist and one client in the studio at a time.  A minimum of 1 hour will be allocated before a new therapists begins work for the day to ensure thorough cleaning of the studio.  All therapists will be doing self health checks each day.  At this time, we are unable to offer Fascial Stretch Services.  We will update again as soon as this changes .  All of our massage therapists are now available to help you with your massage and body work needs.  Please call or email if you have any additional questions.


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Professional Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork to meet your needs and goals!  We are here to help you move toward optimal health whether you are suffering from STRESS, TENSION, SWELLING, PAIN, or INJURY... or just need a TIME OUT to focus on your health and wellbeing!  CALL 440-231-3824 to schedule an appointment today or click the link for online scheduling!


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  Profile Picture: Jennifer Reider, Owner/LMTMy name is Jennifer Reider, owner and LMT.  It is my goal to help you grow the AWARENESS of your unique self in order to move toward optimal health through Professional Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Services.  Please search through the website to get to know us and the services that we offer.  Feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries you may have or to schedule an appointment!  Looking forward to working with you!



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SHARON FISH, LMT and Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist.  Sharon has been working hard to provide us with one of the most medically underserved therapies.
MASSAGE CUPPING NOW AVAILABLE with all Licensed Massage Therapists!  Ask your massage therapist for more information or to give it a try!

Check out the website to learn more about these additional services and therapy options to meet your needs!



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