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4/15/19  "2nd Hip Replacement - I am certain I was better prepared for surgery between my FST sessions with Anne and the Massage sessions with Jennifer.  Physically and mentally I was stronger.  I am very grateful for the help and guidance I received!  I noticed a positive difference in the amount of pain medicine I have needed post surgery.  Thank you again for all you did for me.  Between FST with Anne and Massage with Jennifer it helped prepare me for surgery.  I will forever be greatful!!"  CT

3/4/19  "Great Massage Therapist.  Sharon is very professional and knowledgeable in her massage techniques. She has been very instrumental in helping me relieve my shoulder pain. Looking forward to my next massage!"  Lauren K.

2/25/19  "My massage with Sharon Fish was amazing. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in massage and listens to her clients.  I always feel better. I highly recommend her."  Shelley M

11/16/18  "Anne's knowledge and understanding of the human body is astounding. Most importantly, however, she was able to diagnosis and focus in on helping me engage the correct muscles and find a better alignment for my body to feel better and function better!"  Laurie A

10/5/18  "Wonderful experience with Anne. I felt great afterwards, looking forward to the next time. Working on exercises!"  Pauline

9/21/18  "This was my first visit to Awareness Massage and Sharon did a fantastic job to address my pain areas and also explain what was causing the pain and how to address it moving forward."  Brian G

9/20/18  "Best body work ever.  I’ve had massages before, but never as quality as from Awareness! If you need something worked on, this is the place to go."  Matt R

9/7/18  "Best massage in years.  I recently went to Robin for a massage and it was one of the best I have had. She focused on the area where I was having the most pain and was able to help reduce it by at least 50%. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing sciatic pain symptoms. Thanks Robin!"  Elaine S

9/6/18  "Robin is exceptional!  Skillful, responded to my needs- relieving all of my pain and left me feeling wonderful.  Amazing!!!"  Gail K

8/15/18  "Sharon Fish listen to my needs. Sharon really embraces the name Awareness of her client's concerns, addressing them with a massage to creates wellness."  Cathy P

7/22/18    "I have tried various options for my ongoing tendonitis and did not want to get a cortisone shot. After much researching I found that Awareness Massage & Wellness Center offered Fascial Stretch Technique so I wanted to give this a try. I met with "Anne" who did a thorough physical assessment while we discussed my daily body mechanics as a caregiver to a 90 year old mother who is wheelchair bound. Throughout the session, Anne performed various moves and stretches to increase my flexibility and minimize my arm pain. This was a very relaxing, calming process that increased my arm range of motion. What a relief to be able to move my arm without pain and get Mom out of the house!! Not only was Anne very knowledgeable about the Fascial Stretch can also see that she has a passion for her work!! I would recommend anyone to see Anne and experience relief with the Fascial Stretch Technique."  LB

7/20/18  "My massage was extremely relaxing. Robin is very educated in the muscular system and its use in every day life."  Frank O

7/18/18  "Theraputic message and fascial stretch.  Jennifer and Anne are an excellent team in working to improve my alignment and tightness issues."  Bruce J

4/14/18 "Jennifer focused a great deal on my shoulders and neck.  Her myofascial therapy really gets into the knots -- with just the right amount of pressure. It's a pleasant environment, much better than the chain massage companies I have been to in the past!  Joan T

4/5/18  "I injured my back in a car accident and needed massage therapy to recover faster. I never had massage therapy before. I came to AWARENESS and purchased a 10-pak (one hour) massage package with Sharon Fish. Buying 10-pack made massage sessions more affordable at only $65 per one-hour massage session! The whole experience was better than expected.  It was perfect pressure, and a very relaxing and professional environment. My back feels better already. I would highly recommend Sharon Fish to anyone. Massage sessions also help me relax and I truly enjoy it. I am looking forward to my next massage session!"  Dmitriy G

4/1/18  "Sharon is an amazing massage therapist! She has helped me immensely with neck and shoulder issues. I highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable and listens to her clients needs. Her experience in her field is amazing."  Shelley M

3/27/18  "I highly recommend both Jennifer and Sharon! A very calm, relaxing atmosphere and professional service. It's been a long time since I felt this good.  These people know their business and are extremely talented and gifted.  Find out for yourself-make an appointment!  You won't be sorry." VF

2/24/18  "Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating are words I use to describe the services I received from Awareness Massage and Wellness Center.  Beth knew what worked and didn't  work with me and made every effort to help me with my issues."  Kathy S

1/17/18  "Anne Ondrey is an amazing yoga therapist, fascial stretch practitioner, and a wonderful human being!  I've been working with her for stretching and alignment for chronic fascial and muscular constrictions and contortions. She has helped me get realigned and strengthened beyond anything I'd imagined. She has many different therapeutic modalities to help you unwind and realign. I am SO grateful!"  Amy W

1/7/18  "I was recommended to Awareness Massage and wellness center by my chiropractor because I had some scar tissue built up in my lower back.  I went to get a deep tissue massage by Sharon and had amazing results.  It felt amazing and the scar tissue is pretty much all broken up now."  Brian R

11/10/17  "I was having quite a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. I had been to a chiropractic and physical therapist. Initially they helped the pain but it would return within a couple of days. I talked to a massage therapist who told me about fascial stretch. I have seen Beth Georgi five times. My body feels so much better and is coming back into alignment. The pain is going away and I now have several days where I am pain free. I highly recommend Beth and fascial stretch."  Cora W

8/16/17  "Great experience!  A very relaxing and peaceful environment. As always Sharon provides great customer care with a vast knowledge of proper masssage therapy. I always feel better after a session. Thanks!" Brad

6/1/17  "Robin was amazing! Thanks Jennifer for finding someone who fits in so well!  Love the attention to detail, asking me questions and the manipulation for my hip. Great job!"  Pamela S

5/30/17 "I'm not sure even where to start. Beth and Sharon have done an extraordinary job restoring my movement and reducing my back issues. I can actually MOVE! And unless I over do it, I am 90% pain free since seeing Beth. I'm grateful that I found this place by sending my wife to see Jennifer as a Mother's day gift... which she thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you all!"  Norm M

2/25/17  "Awareness Massage was recommended by my physician for a shoulder problem.  I have felt much relief from my treatments which were administered for restoring range of motion after surgery.  Jennifer, my regular therapist, is very knowledgeable in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and rehabilitation massage. She is able to assist with range of motion unlike any exercises!  Scheduling is easy and I've never had to wait for a treatment- the office is very well run.  The environment is best described as warm, relaxing, friendly, and peaceful.  A healing place...Many thanks!"  Kitty S

2/7/17  "Like magic, Jen finds issues I did not know I had, and fixes them. Nothing better."  Robert S

2/6/17  "I haven’t had a professional massage in years. Jennifer was professional and experienced. The studio was clean and peaceful. The massage was exactly what I was looking for. Jennifer’s work achieved a deep sense of relaxation and release in my body. In addition, she worked on some deep knots that I suspected I’ve had for some time. The massage helped me advance in my personal work-outs. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer and Awareness Massage & Wellness Center to a friend."  Dan G

10/03/16  "Very happy with my visit, facility was very clean and relaxing. I have a pinched nerve in my neck that leads to muscle tension and pain. Sharon was very understanding and knowledgeable in regards to this condition. It was well worth the visit to help with relieving some muscle tension and pain; I’ll be seeing her aging soon." - BH

08/28/16  "I was referred to Jennifer by a good friend. So glad I went. The massage was very relaxing and therapeutic. Will definitely return." - LG

05/01/16  "Jennifer was very thorough and knowledgeable about her work.  I was impressed with her acumine.  She was also professional and kind." - Nancy P

04/20/16  "More knowledgeable and experienced than most massotherapists. Excellent work if requested to help specific problem areas. Can't recommend highly enough." - TL

03/30/16  "Do not miss an opportunity to get a massage with Sharon! I came in in pain and left without pain. Sharon has strong hands and can work deeply and intelligently. Highly recommended!  Both massotherapists are excellent and work intelligently. This is true therapeutic massage - they can get rid of pain!"  Anne O

03/21/16 "Thanks to Sharon for her consistent quality of care, and genuine level of care in keeping me feeling good and the back spasms away." - EL

02/29/16  "I cannot communicate enough what a great experience I had with Sharon at Awareness Massage & Wellness Center, LLC.  I recently had a total knee replacement and am going through physical therapy.  In addition, along the way with the surgery I picked up a sciatic nerve issue.  Sharon didn't follow a pattern of massage like so many therapists do.  I told her what my issues were so along with the relaxation part of my massage, she worked on those areas. In addition, as she worked through my upper body, when she came across knotted areas she instinctively and skillfully worked on them.  When I woke up the next day, my surgical leg felt the best it has since my surgery.  I will be booking another appointment with Sharon and highly recommend her." - TW

11/13/15  "Early this week I had THE BEST EVER MASSAGE. I've had many massages in my life. I've had excellent massages in Cancun, South Africa, Hawaii, back home in Illinois but none as relieving as this one for my pain. She knew I was stressed out as well as dealing with body pains.  The new client intake was thorough. She met all my needs. She pressed hard enough to get the knots out. I left in very little pain. She's so good I left after buying a 90 minute massage for my sweet hubby who always puts me first by setting this up. Thanks so much Sharon. I'll be seeing you again soon."  Barbara

07/12/15  "Jennifer does a great job in relieving my stiffness and sore muscles and tendons. I would highly recommend her services."  -MB

06/13/15  "If you want a top quality massage, I highly recommend Awareness Massage and Wellness Center. I have been getting massages monthly since 1990 and without question Jennifer give one of the best massages I've ever had." - SV

3/19/15 "Superb relaxation!  This is my second appointment with Jennifer. She does an excellent job of working on those problem areas. No reason to go anywhere else."  Robert G

02/26/15  "Jennifer is really a partner with you to help you feel better and to know about massage intervention, especially when you are dealing with medical problems.  I'm happy to have found her, and will continue to go to Jennifer to help manage my pain." - PjS

02/26/15  "Thank you so much for the relaxing and revitalizing massage. It was great for detoxing and helping the lymph system. Sharon is such a caring, understanding, compassionate soul with healing hands.  I had a great experience and I highly recommend her, and this business!"  - Veronica R

2/12/15  "I have only great things to say about this massage place.  They are amazing at what they do.  They are very professional, friendly and truly good at giving a massage.  The atmosphere is very warm and inviting.  I feel very comfortable and I will definitely be a regular client." - KG

2/10/15  "Awareness is Awesome!  I have had many massages over the past 30 years.  Jennifer and Sharon are "The Best Of The Best". Thank you Ladies!"  Don F

1/25/15  "Jennifer was very attentive and worked with me to gain the most of my massage.  She did really great deep tissue for my many problem areas. I will be back."  Pamela S

12/15/14  "Jennifer was amazing and successfully relieved sore and tight IT band and shoulders! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a massage therapist"  -AJ

11/20/14  "I had been away for a couple months while Jennifer was on maternity leave...had 2 massages elsewhere...they don't compare with the results and information YOU supply to a client! Thank U for making a world of difference in my World! I'll be back soon :-) Thank U" -BW

10/10/14  "I had my first chair massage at Awareness Massage with Jennifer this week. It was exactly what I needed. I felt much better afterwards, and I plan to return next week to continue working on my issue. The atmosphere is private, quiet, clean, and calming. I would (and have already) recommend this center."  -BD

5/27/14  "Strangely enough, after only one appt, my back feels great. I was dealing with sciatic nerve pain and now I'm able to move w/o pain.  I'm looking forward to resuming my golf game. Thanks Jennifer, for bringing relief when no one else could."  Robert G

4/26/14  "One of the BEST relaxation and therapeutic massages.  Having had years of various types of body work, including massage, I have found Jennifer to be one of the best massage therapists for both relaxation and therapy.  A kind and gentle spirit, Jennifer has an innate ability to tune into the body, and assist in the release of tight and tense areas that have been troublesome for years. Following every massage from Jennifer, I always feel that there has been a significant change in my bodily structure and energy. She truly has a gift of healing."  Mary Anne V

02/06/14  "Awareness massage is a great example of one woman wanting to share her passion and talent. Jennifer has mastered soft and firm pressure and can skillfully flow between the two when one area is more tender than another. She displayed professionalism and was able to answer all my questions- which I consider important especially when I say "Oh! What is that muscle and why is it so tight?!" I would return & recommend to a friend. :)"  TS

02/01/13  "Jennifer is an amazing therapist.  I am a body worker and yoga teacher, and Jennifer really knows how to make me feel put back together and truly understands how to focus on an area of your body and honor your requests on what you want worked on.  I am now a regular client and don’t know how I lived without her for so long!"  Jennifer

01/31/13  "Jennifer is a talented healer with a real depth of experience and knowledge which is communicated through her tremendous touch. A massage from her is truly a gift!"  Anne

08/24/12  "I made an appointment at Jennifer's practice while visiting from out of town.  I was dealing with tension and knots in my neck and shoulders.  In short, my experience with Jennifer was fabulous.  After listening to my concerns, she restored the range of motion in my head and neck, and I finally felt relaxed across my shoulders!  The only negative is that her practice is 6 hours from my home.  If I lived closer, I would visit her practice regularly!"  Eric

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